Friday, April 5, 2013

Writing in class

Today we have the choice to write about anything. As we all know, at least all of sweeny's students know about grammar schrammer but obviously certain people don't prepare for their presentation which leads me to explain the story of the day. So today I came to class waiting to hear someone's explanation as to how to use who/whom properly. Now the class is a nice size but As we all know we only see about 7,8, or 9 students per class. So two of the students were here, though totally unaware that it was their day to present, furthermore they were missing a student who so called had all the information for their presentation. They didn't have anything so they got online and presented something that was at hand. Guess I'm explaining the seriousness to the assignments which is little to none.

1 comment:

  1. Students should be more prepared. Students should come to class. I'm appreciative that you're writing something like this because, since you've had the guts to say it, hopefully Richard Bland College and its stakeholders will read it, listen, and work to improve it. I know I'm listening and am working to improve it, which is one of the reasons I'm going to try contract grading next semester -- so students will, in theory, take more responsibility for their own learning.

    Just think ... if you didn't have the guts to write something like this, and if RBC didn't have the guts to promote these blogs and these kinds of posts on their homepage, maybe nobody would ever know, then we would pretend like stuff like this never happens. Kudos to RBC for doing something rare in higher education -- listening to students to improve learning and give them the experience of their lives.